Why India is The Offshore Web Development Hub?

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In last two decades some Asian countries including India and Philippines have gradually transformed to the offshore software development. The phenomenal rise of India as an offshore software development hub is the outcome of several reasons. This article focuses on some of the factors for which India climbed the ladder of success in the arena of IT.

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The most important catalyst behind India's success as offshore web development hub is its English speaking and understanding workforce. Now, India is the second largest English speaking force of world after USA and prepared to be the number one by the year 2025. Indian professional's command over English has enabled them to understand the aims and objectives of the client perfectly and also helps in transcending the cultural and linguistic barriers of outsourcing.

Quality is a way of working as far as the stringent operational measures adopted by Indian offshore software development companies are concerned. This is not an exaggerated statement as every second CMMI level five company is an Indian. The capability and maturity of Indiansoftware development companies are far above compared to their European and American counterparts. Along with qualitative solutions, Indian companies also adopt strict measures for intellectual property rights, data theft and on-time delivery.

Price is also a lucrative factor that attracts a lot European and American clients for Indian offshore software development companies. Difference in cost of living and exchange rate has helped Indian professionals to work at a much lower cost compared to professionals at Europe and America. IT favorable government initiatives have also helped Indian offshore web development companies in this regard.

Source: Sooper Articles