Various Open Source Techniques Used For Excellent PHP Application Development

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Open source is an exceptional tool for any custom application development process, and PHP is a part of open source technique. Earlier known as Personal Home Page, now PHP stands as Hypertext Processer. It is the best scripting language which can be used for the development of any custom software application or website designing process. Being an open source platform PHP comes at no cost and any individual or business enterprise could use it and get the fruitful advantages of it, without worrying about the money factor. Moreover PHP itself consists of many sub-categories which can be termed as PHP frame works. Every frame work has its unique feature and usage, and meets the specific demands of the developer or the user and the companies using all these frameworks, combined can craft Excellencies in PHP application development.

PHP Application Development
Some of the highlights of these different frame works are as follows:

Joomla :
Joomla is an open source CMS (Content Management Software) based on the PHP platform. It supports MySql as well and is one of the most important programming languages, used all over the world for the development of significant and creative websites. It serves the best in the development of blogs, online forums, dashboards, web applications and many more. It is very flexibility features makes it a great tool for PHP web development.

Drupal :
Drupal a scripting language based on PHP technology and is mainly used for the development of huge and compound websites. Serving the benefits of numerous add-ons as modules, designs, templates and themes it helps in crafting speedy development and applications of websites. It supports the database of PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite and can work on any computer operating system. It helps in creating dynamic websites in the field of education, ecommerce, event management, job portals, health care and many more.

Mambo :
PHP platform Mambo is also a great open source CMS used in development of all simple, complex websites and provides great web application services as well. There are indeed many advantages in Mambo such as it is easy to install, provides a great flexibility with its hundreds of extensions, Plugins and other add-ons features, support of multiple language, and could work on almost all computer operating system and thus provides an excellent services in PHP application development.

Typo3 :
Typo3 is one of the most high-flying open source CMS and speeding vastly in the current market stage. It is based on PHP, and supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and many other databases. The best feature is its mixing capabilities with other PHP platform such as phpBB, vBulletin etc. It helps in creating and developing some of the most great websites and applications in retail, job portal, social networking etc.

phpBB :
phpBB also known as PHP Bulletin Board, is also one of the sub category of PHP platform. It serves as one the best tool in providing the tailored made bulletin board applications and services. It supports the database of MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, OpenLink Virtuoso and many others. It supports extensive range of template and other different add-ons for its users. In the end it could also serve great in development of great web application.

Apart from the discussed above five there are many other open source platform based on PHP techniques such as Lamp, vBulletin, zencart and many others. With the help of these techniques one could get favorable results in PHP application development services.

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