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Outsourcing software development in India has become more and more popular over the last few years, and picked up even more momentum lately. Corporations in the USA have followed this path because a technology worker costs some five times less in India than in the USA. Motivation for Outsourcing Corporate executives started seeing software development and support, and the whole of Information Technology as a cost, and not as a strength, nor a differentiator. So they started thinking of it as something they can subcontract, just like security guards, janitorial, landscaping and snow removal.

However, this is not always the case, and there are hidden costs, and some pitfalls, such as difference in work culture, communication styles, and time zones, not to mention the long term safety and security concerns of giving everything to a foreign country, and a foreign jurisdiction. The analogy of janitorial and landscaping is not an accurate one though. The reason being these services, although they are outside the company, they are still within the city or the country. This gives some soft of control, being under the same jurisdiction, and there is no danger of political tensions, wars, or the international scene affecting the service.

Even small and medium Software Development Outsourcing Enterprises like Encodex Technologies India are very disciplined and careful to verify their Employees. The yearly turnover is increasing for total Outsourcing Sector in India.

Following Factors are the Reasons why Offshore Outsourcing is coming largely in India?
  • Cost efficiency of IT outsourcing in India
  • India's human resources
  • Standard quality that firms doing IT outsourcing in India guarantee
  • The reliable communication facilities
  • Technologically advanced outsourcing firms in India
  • Galloping growth in Indian economy
  • Stable government facilitating IT growth
  • Indian government policies
  • Positive and Encouraging Policies by Indian Government
So the Ultimate Outcome of Offshore Website Development in India is Developing Outstandingly.

Offshore outsourcing involves a great deal of thought. One should not be spurred simply by expectations of rapid cost reduction. The new mantra of offshore outsourcing to India is quality solutions. When processes are off shored to India, companies not only get the advantage of low cost but also experience improvement in productivity and quality. These are the reasons that should motivate offshore outsourcing to India.

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Basic About PHP Application Devlopment

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PHP application development is all buzz for ethical or proper PHP development criticizing the “quick and dirty” practice of poor coding, purposeless and disposable code. When you ask a PHP developer about such coding, a common excuse is that – it’s a small project they are working on and have no intention to reuse the code in future, however the fact remains, any PHP Costume website development project whether small or big has to be done using standard coding guidelines, if you are a PHP developer.
Whatever coding a PHP developer does needs efforts, and how can you expect all those efforts to go to waste. You might not reuse the code, but it can be someone else referring to it or wanting to use it. They will not be able to use it if it is badly written. In this blog post we will discuss some fundamental rules of directory structure and security, coding conventions and coding considerations for writing good PHP code.
Directory structure: Very less attention is given to directory submission and filesystem naming conventions in the PHP programming niche making them an area needing prompt attention. Generally, when PHP application development is undertaken all project files are saved on a public web directory, even those which are never ever accessed using the web also find their place on the public web directory. You will also see different related file types like function libraries, logs, class files, configurations and others, all, jumbled up in either one subdirectory or the main directory. To make things bad these files are saved without proper names, meaning names that do not say anything about the things inside the file, this problem becomes worst when finding a file saved outside of the directory and goes on to become a nightmare as the project grows. Thus it is very important to make sure that you organize all your project files properly. Directories should be hence named and placed appropriately.
Simple Security Considerations : This is very important for those parts of the project which are not to be accessed through internet like password protected areas, blocking hotlinking etc. They can be protected by ensuring authentication through .htaccess files.
File Naming Conventions: How efficiently you will be able to use your PHP application development files depends on their names, it is only when you will be able to find that particular file, that you will be able to use its content. If not named properly you will actually end up spending lot of time finding the file to be used, to avoid such situations it is better to use appropriate file naming conventions like “word separation” and “camel caps”. When used word separation convention would look something like “new_member_signup.php” and camel caps would look something like “newMemberSignup.php”. Second rule is not to use the directory name in the files name like “lib.string.php” where you are going to place the file in the lib directory. Apart from the physical application logical application classes, functions, variables and constants should also be named as per the standard conventions.
PHP coding conventions: No, we are not saying to optimize your code from the time you start writing it, we know that would be very early to start, however following some basic coding conventions never hurts. It will in fact help maximize your code’s efficiency. Some of these rules can be listed as below:
Proper use of single quotes (‘) and double quotes (“), codes in these quotes are interpreted differently in PHP
Avoid coding for functions which can be performed by existing function in PHP
Choose control structures efficiently for PHP application development
Never use register_globals, for it is not only a security risk but will also strip your data of context. Instead benefit from superglobal variables
Avoid using “global” statement, an alternative to global statement is to pass on the object as a reference to a code that depends on the object
Use the “include_once” and “require_once” statements to stay clear of duplicate file inclusions
Organization is the keyword for effective PHP application development and can be easily done if a PHP developer follows all the basic fundamental rules related to directory structure and security, coding conventions and coding considerations.
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Outsourcing Software Development Services From India

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Software Development has assumed extreme significance in the light of the global demand for new IT solutions and IT-enabled services. Appropriate software development gives the right amount of impetus to the functioning of the web sites and the quality of services they render. This in itself is a daunting task, requiring thousands of skilled professionals to put in hours of research, experimentation, testing and trials.Skilled manpower, technology and infrastructure are essential, apart from the demand from the IT industry. It is here that offshore outsourcing plays a major role. The developed companies making rapid strides in the field of information technology have always been finding it difficult to find the right amount of manpower needed. On the other hand, developing countries, especially Asian countries like India and China, have been following an IT policy that has resulted in the generation of enormously skilled manpower and a really well developed IT infrastructure. This has led to a real boom outsourcing with the destination being India.

India, by choice rather than by destiny, has become the ideal zone for offshore software development. The early 1990's saw the rapid opening of India's economy to the world, focusing on being market-oriented. This major tilt in the Indian economic policy, saw the rapid inflow of foreign direct investment and foreign business interest to India. The availability of highly skilled and talented software programmers and well developed IT infrastructure attracted the companies from developed countries to India, like moth to the flame.India boasted of the highest number of CMM Level 5 certified companies and the presence of several Indian IT companies listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ which in turn attracted a large number of Fortune 500 companies that outsource their software needs to India.

With the offshore outsourcing business to India touching new highs, Indian outsourcing partners are growing in confidence and moving up the ladder to offer more and more complex and specialized services. Moving away from the bits and pieces outsourcing, Indian companies have today specialised in developing complete softwares and development packages for global clients.

Through years of successful offshore outsourcing, Indian companies have behind them rich experience in not only documenting software but providing support thought out. Indian software companies are constantly improving their development standards by enhancing their skilled manpower base and their development facilities. These Indian companies have today progressed into customized solutions development.The high quality of the solutions outsourced from India as well as popularity of custom web development service involving emergence of creative and innovative solutions,have made companies from developed countries look to India as a viable ,dependable outsourcing destination.

Outsourcing has progressed from the rudimentary specific application development to the whole gamut of designing and developing the entire requirements of custom software needs and is spreading to new uncharted territories. The new areas include E governance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, financial services, transcription services and retail services. The fast disappearing geographical boundaries and the convergence of the world towards IT enablement, has made India's role as the leading offshore outsourcing services provider with special emphasis on software development, is undisputed .

The future outlook for outsourcing from India, is certainly bright. Having established its' credentials beyond any doubt, India is poised for growth on all frontiers, be it quality solutions, quality infrastructure or quality manpower. Backed by such strong fundamentals like quality assurance and timely deliveries, India has emerged as the number one destination for software development outsourcing, outpacing China and other fast-growing Asian countries.

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Follow Easy Step Before Hire Web Developers

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Today’s advanced world, there is a tendency for organizations to get upgraded to join a new technological society in the ring. Every person looking for grows & if you delimit yourself to legacy software, then you will be responsible for the disappearance of your business. So if you want to visible in global market, then web development is the right place for you.
Web Development Company
There are many web development companies available in market, but that is better for us? Choosing right web development company is not an easy task. Therefore, I put down some important points which help you before hire web developers or web development company.
1. Before determining to hire a website developer, just calculate your needs. It's very significant to know that what type of development you want. You need a static site or a simple electronic commerce website. From these we have to look for web developers.
2. You should hire dedicated web developers for your project or function can range depending on the time you need. Hiring a dedicated web development team is the batter strategy, as in these matters, the difficulty is few to complete the project. Even if the flow is smooth and the time of project development will be less.
3. Do you want hard code or open source development? It can happen that your project may be better in vice versa, or open source. Before you are going to hire Web developers, ensure that you have identified the technologies. It is compulsory because many developers who are specialist and experienced in hard cord or open source. You have to choose among them.
4. Find out how the developer's reputation in supporting the project at a time throughout the project and after the interview. Do not take a web developer with bad reputation for support and don’t forget to assess the level of communication from them. Otherwise, the total project can be waste.
5. You should know the people who are experienced and skilled for projects. Do not hire website developers with little experience in the type of development you want. You should examine the portfolio of them work. That will help you decide the quality of the people you choose.
6. When you consider to creating a site, you must discover the bazaar to know whether, the project may be awarded to a local developer or it is better to ponder about outsourcing. Now a day, it is better to hire web development team from outsource companies. Not because of the price, but increasing competition has simplified the availability of better services around the world.
I hope that after crossing the above steps, you will realize that how significant it is to be alert in the hiring process for developers to get the best web site development that intends to build.

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Software Development India A Global Market For Developing World

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Software Development India

India is today, a global market for software development. What started of as an experiment in software technology has now become a thundering market in India with a huge number of foreign projects finding place in the Indian software market. An unending amount of software development work is being outsourced to India and there is a huge competition to deliver quality software projects within deadlines and at low rates.
Why is India leading in the software market?
 India churns out endless number of computer science and engineering graduates every year. What makes them stand out is the ability to work hard and use their expertise well for the Indian software market. Most of these graduates are proficient in various programming languages like JAVA, Oracle, Perl, Flash, NET and PHP to name a few. E-commerce website development is also one field where the Indian software market has ventured in successfully. They are in great demand in the international market. So, when there is a ready market with talented professionals ready to do work at rates lower when compared to the international standard, naturally there are a plethora of companies ready to give projects to them. This turns out to be profitable for both the parties although the project awardees tend to profit more, almost by 35% to 70%.
India has become technology savvy in just a few decades after the software development outsourcing trend. Today, India is one of the world's most professional countries providing specialized services in software development to the entire globe.  Apart from the technical expertise, India is very much in demand because of its ability to understand the global client requirements. Its slickly trained English speaking workforce is an added advantage.  The Indian software market provides professional services in terms of performance, cost and dependability. India has a huge talent of efficient software developers with professional knowledge of the latest web technology. No wonder, most developed countries all over the world prefer India for all their software outsourcing because they can be sure of the quality and the service without having to worry about soaring prices.
Indian software developers work according to international standards at non-international rates. Indian software personnel are skilled in all aspects of software development and research. What more can a client want? The software business in India is soaring because the nation understands client demands and is always flexible in terms of sudden requirements in software development and service. No wonder, the IT growth is still in demand in spite of the recession.

Offshore software development needs are best met in India which has an extensive pool of programmers, engineers and web developer for hire.

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Effective Offshore Web Development Services Impress The World

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Now days the demands of outsourcing web development services increase booming. Especially web development company India provides affordable and valuable services. Still somehow, they were able to standardized their services with latest tools, technology and ideas which helped them not only them to sustain and survive but also become their USPs which differentiated them from other offshore services providers:

1) Basics: A solid foundation is the root of strong building. In the arena of web development, speedy deliveries of project has become mandatory. You can lose out on potential stream of revenue if your project does not deliver what is needed on that time. Also, a web development project is of no use, if it is inaccurate. With offshore developers, you can be sure on both parts: speedy delivery with consistent quality of the project.

2) Front- end frameworks: Coding sometimes can take the better of website. With offshore web development services, it is comparatively inexpensive, simple and SEO friendly which ensures that all the web pages of entire website is rightly hooked for the segments/ classes with smooth navigation. It may seem nothing but if the front-end framework's semantic structure is wrong, many bugs while implementation can occur.

3) Back end frameworks: This is a back end development and very much similar to the above front end process. The accurate formation of back-end depends on front end. It is also sometimes refereed as server side development. It ensures consistency and security of information on server. PHP Python Django Ruby on Rails and MySQL are some of the technologies used by offshore developers.

4) Open source development: Most of the software development services use OSS which lessens the cost of project since you only pay for development while the programming language comes from an Open Source project. Most of the languages such as PHP, Linux, UNIX and MySql used for developing software are low on troubles as well.

5) Developers meets designers: In offshore world, development services and designing goes hand in hand. A designer offers visual appeal and smooth experience to users whereas a developer decide the way it would work. A perfect combination of both strike the chord.

These are the five steps followed by software development services providers. Believing in providing value oriented services at affordable costs, they help businesses to achieve bigger profits by reducing their development costs overall.

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Expert PHP Developer from Expert PHP Development Company

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PHP is the most common name in the web development world. It is open source server side scripting language and supports HTML. Best feature of PHP is that it is easy to code and enables easy dynamic web page creation. Lot many things can be done using this server side scripting language, however its most common use can be found in ecommerce web development. You can either give the entire project to a PHP development company India or hire PHP developer India, to work on your project.
PHP Developer
If comparison is done as to which is a better option whether to hire PHP developer or give the entire project to a company, then many would prefer to hire PHP developer, as they offer a perfect combination of expertise, skills and experience at competitive rates.
However this might differ from client, while it is true that many prefer to hire PHP developer there are few who wish to go with a company. But these are clients who are less acquainted with the pulpit and feel that it would be better if a company works on their project.
Searching a PHP developer to handle your project can often be a daunting task as you have to consider so many different options before hiring them. You have to check their experience level, skills, capabilities, communication skills and availability. When there are so many things to consider there are chances that you might go wrong in making the right choice. So what do you do? The best option would be to hire them from PHP application development service provider companies India offering the option to hire their developers.
Resources of a company are its backbone, hence to succeed in this highly competitive world of PHP web development companies need the best resources to guide their success. When these companies offer the option to hire their resources, it means they are offering you their best resources, resources on which they have trusted their growth. Thus when you hire PHP developer from them you can be sure to hire the best resources without much hassle, you will just have to negotiate your project with the company and further negotiate the deal with them. There won’t be any fear of hiring a wrong resource for your project.

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Expert WordPress Developers For Professional Web Development Company

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If you are looking for a developer to hire for web development project from an offshore consulting, hire a WordPress developer. There are some interesting facts shared here for your study. WordPress is a CMS web application developed in PHP and MySQL. Today many blog sites are built in WordPress in the world. It has many plug-ins, templates and layouts for easily customize our website.

Normally web developers and programmers are hired for doing development projects which normally involve customization, implementation, theme creation, system design, custom modules development, extensions development, design works, integration, module installation, existing modification and maintenance work. All these process can be accomplished in WordPress easily when compared to other programming languages.

Today many outsourcing companies hire WordPress developers to successfully furnish blogs including content creation, customization, and web management. Not only blogs, WordPress can be conveniently used for all kinds of web portal development. Websites related to shopping cart, news, online magazine, business and corporate can given perfect WordPress solution.

WordPress with a global traffic rank of sixteen, provides all kinds of technical support for their developers. It even offers SEO plug-ins and user-friendly architecture which cannot be seen in other CMS applications. Research has shown that outsourcing companies have smooth conversation with WordPress developers as the offshore web developer finish the WordPress sites so quickly. The users can modify the content from the front end. On-page optimization works are made simple.

Gorgeous themes, widgets galore, 24/7 support, video sharing and free features has been impressing the end-users. Developing the websites in WordPress not only helps the clients but also the projects suppliers as it considerably saves our time.

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E Commerce Solutions - An Important Aspect of today's Technological Epoch

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Today’s advanced technological world, E-commerce is a new type of transport & distribution channel or method of taking the products leverage the media of the Internet. The increasing speed of all type of information transmission, the rate of technology & virtual presence of client makes a convincing eCommerce solutions.
Reports show that thousands of E-commerce stores open each year & more and more online shoppers are generated online, which means the graph of online shopping website & portals are increasing.
If marketing campaign does not give you a useful traffic, which means you are losing your money. Your e-commerce software must have marketing tools, which should be included with the package and web marking like Blog, Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook), polls, forum, etc. These tools will manage your website’s presence on social media and the Internet communities as a whole are important tools for any online business selling.

Here are some benefits of e-commerce solutions:

• Make your online store SEO friendly so that it enjoys greater visibility on the net and
attracts more numbers of right customers to your site.
• Increase the visibility of products and services worldwide.
• Your store would be open 24x7 through out the year.
• It will boost your customer portfolio
• The order tracking system will enhance a satisfaction of your customer.
• Embedding latest graphics/multimedia/audio/video features in shopping cart
• Facilitate flawless integration of customized Content Management System (CMS) in the
website for better management of hosted products/services.
If you are looking to build your e-shop from scratch or want to rejuvenate your existing online shopping cart, because it has hit a dead end on the Internet highways, then your search should end at Perception System.
Today there are many e-commerce solution providers or ecommerce development companies in the market that create wide range of e-commerce sites. But at Perception System, we build online business. We value our clients and breathe life into their e-commerce shopping carts so that they perform exceptionally well to deliver brilliant results.

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Spread Your Business Productivity with Software Development Company

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Software development is the development of software product in a structured process and planned. It is frequently used to mention the activity of computer programming. Computer programming is the process of writing and maintaining the source code. Software development is also known as application development.

Software Development Company

Software development has most common purposes, to meet specific demand of a specific client or business, to forgather a perceived demand of some set of expected users or for personal use.

Offshore software development company specialize in custom software development; research, new development, reuse, modification, re-engineering, maintenance and many more services which are Software development services. Large software system is developed by a team of people; some form of process is followed to project guide the stage of production of the software.

Software Development Process may include many departments:

• Marketing

• Engineering

• Research and development

• General management

Outsourcing software development may include compromising or going beyond what is required by the client. A software development project may concerns such as human resources, risk management, intellectual property, budgeting, crisis management, etc.

Software Development Stages:

• Market research

• Collecting requirements for the business solution

• Problem analysis

• For software based solution, devising the plan

• Software implementation

• Software testing

• Deployment

• Bug fixing and maintenance

A structure imposed on the development of a software product is called software development process. It is also called software lifecycle and software process.

Perception System specializes in providing Web and Software Programming Services including solution integration and offshore IT outsourcing to small to medium and big sized business around the world.

Expertise in Servers:

• Apache

• Microsoft IIS

• Mongrel

• J2EE

• IBM WebSphere

• BEA WebLogic

• Java Web Start

• JBoss

• Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Services are provided by software developers:

• Computer programming and software development service.

• Web sites and web application design.

• Work process automation

• iPhone and Mobile application design and development

• Bar coding and scanning applications related services.

Join with us and you can benefit from our 5+ year experience. Thus, avail the offshore software development company India which allow our creative software developers to provide effective and attractive Custom Software development India. Contact us to get these exciting services from us.

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Essential Step of Web Application Development

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Web Application Development
A web application is developed with code and dependent on a common web browser to make the application executable. The popularity of web application development is endless. One example of web application development popularity is that they are often free and require no installation to your computer. A second example is the ability to update web applications without distributing and installing software on thousands of computers.

Web developers use many different interfaces when developing applications, such as Java, Flash, PHP, and Ajax. PHP and Ajax are great examples of an interface that web developers want to use more of, because they are a combination of development techniques. This means that the completed application will be a more interactive experience.

Web development is broken into tiers, and each tier is assigned a role. The most common web application is the three-tiered application. Each tier is represented by a name. In three-tiered development the names are, first to third tier:

Presentation- In this step the web browser is selected.

Application- In this tier you pick and begin developing your web application with the technology you want to develop on.

Storage- In this tier the database is presented. This will allow for queries and updates to be made.

Web application development is a large part of online gaming, storage, web searching, and photo editing, just to name a few. Here are some examples of successful web applications:

  • Bejeweled (PopCap Games)--- Swap adjacent gems to align sets of three or more. A winning set is three or more gems of the same color. Combos and cascades award extra points. Fill the gem meter for a bonus.
  • FarmVille (Zynga)--- Various aspects of farm management such as plowing land, planting, growing and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and bushes, and by raising livestock
  • GoogleDocs--- It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users. Documents are automatically saved to Google's servers to prevent data loss, and a revision history is automatically kept so past edits may be viewed.
  • Backupify--- A different route in Internet storage service oriented path. Their nifty little service allows anyone to backup all of their web accounts easily and at an outstanding price. With support for popular apps such as Twitter, Flickr, GMail and WordPress, their service is perfect for those who worry about their security online.
Photo Editing
  • Picnik--- Makes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Fix your photos in just one click. Use advanced controls to fine-tune your results. Crop, resize, and rotate in real-time. Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun. Astoundingly fast, right in your browser.
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E-Commerce Development - Essential Factor of Online Business

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Electronics commerce is an activity of buying and selling products and services like Marketing, sales, payment, fulfillment and customer service. It has also known as e-commerce, ecommerce and e-business. E-commerce is works more than online shopping. It also works with the use of computers, networks and commerce-enabled software.
Using commerce conducted in this way, spurring and drawing on innovations in applications of e-commerce development.
Ecommerce Solutions
E-commerce Applications:
Supply chain management
Electronic fund transfer
Video on demand
Online transaction processing
Remote banking
Electronic data interchange (EDI)
Selling and purchasing
Inventory management system
In the transaction lifecycle, modern ecommerce website development uses the Word Wide Web (WWW) at some point in the transaction’s lifecycle. It can encompass a wider range of technologies such as electronic mail (e-mail).
Ecommerce infrastructures:
Information superhighway infrastructure – Internet, LAN, WAN, routers, telecom, cable TV, wireless, etc
Messaging and information distribution infrastructure – HTML, XML, e-mail, HTTP, etc
Common business infrastructure – Security, authentication, electronic payment, directories, catalogs, etc.
Electronic Commerce is access in a large range of premium content on a website, it conducted electronically for virtual items. But in some way ecommerce solution involves purchasing and selling of physical items. Online retailers are known as e-tailers or e-tail.
Elements of E-commerce:
Business to Business (B2B): It can be open to all interested parties or limited to specific, pre-qualified participants.
Business to Consumer (B2C): It is going ahead with a professional maturity among the small to big enterprises.
Online Transaction: It is a form of electronic commerce where the buyer is directly online to the seller’s computer usually via the internet. That support selling and purchasing activities on the Web such as supplier, inventory, distribution, payment management, financial management, purchasing products and information
Perception system will extend its helping hand for your business problems by forming a strategy, build a design, execute the development and support in implementation of the e-commerce solutions and services. We offer you Ecommerce solutions including latest shopping cart solutions, Ecommerce solutions, ASP E-commerce shopping carts and e-commerce web solutions.
Benefits of ecommerce at Perception System:
Increased sales: Reach narrow market segments in geographically dispersed locations and create virtual communities.
Decreased costs: Handling of sales inquiries, providing price quotes and determining product availability.
Being in the space
E-commerce developer customized as per clients’ requirements also serves the best technology for E-commerce Solutions. We also provide solutions of payment gateway integration, secure shopping cart solutions, credit card processing integration, and e-commerce with content management system solutions for your customized web applications.
E-commerce Solutions at Perception System:
B2B Ecommerce Solutions
B2C Ecommerce Development
E-Commerce Website Development
Business E-commerce Portal Development
Ecommerce Marketing
Ecommerce Integration UPS
Ecommerce Integration POS
Access to our service has been made easier such that you can contact us all around the clock to make inquires about the e-commerce solution that we offer. Do you like it?

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Role of PHP Programmer in Web Development

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Today’s advanced technological world, PHP Mysql development has become connected to the web like wildfire. More than eight million domains running on a PHP framework & the numbers are rapidly increasing at a rate of five percent per month. All who wish to take advantage of hosting space on their web sites by turning to open-source software platform. In addition, there are a dozen other active customizable CMS (Content Management Systems) & other products that use the PHP programming and MySQL database as a database solution.

PHP Application Development platforms such as joomla, Drupal, OsCommerce, Magento, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, have grown in popularity due to their systems are highly flexible & easy to use PHP-based. PHP is not just a programming language that allows the development of client script on the server side, but also a platform that provides developers with the necessary bandwidth to create flexible and innovative apps.

PHP programming is an open source server side language and is completely free, which makes
language even more interesting for programmers. Programmers around the world regularly interact online for get information about PHP coding & share their progress with the applications. Learning is to democratize, and even developers who are relatively new to learn the complexity of the language from programmers who have spent good time for customization. It is, in fact, a huge database of resources for learning and implementing language forums and support groups that make the things more interesting. if you have a web development project in hand to do in PHP.

PHP is very simple language to handle, affordable & extremely fast. Even if you are not a programmmer, you could get a shot of how things work in PHP with a little participation. However, taking on projects for the PHP website site development, you should take your professional PHP developer. With PHP you can add many unique features to your website, make sure you hire a PHP developer who has extensive knowledge of working with PHP.

So if you are looking for php development services then I suggest you Perception System. PS is professional PHP development company and offers PHP custom website development services so that you can bring ingenuity into you website and make your money go further. We have skilled PHP developers who are well versed in LAMP programming and custom design your website so that it has a lasting effect on the minds of visitors.

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HTML5 Development – Innovative Technology of Modern Era

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HTML5 is one of a latest technology, which is commonly recommended since it reveals amazing capabilities covering graphics and video and provides many APIs too. HTML5 Development technologies are commonly promoted by Google and Mozilla since lately the experts have recommended that the next-generation applications are really attractive and include an array of enhancements and functions.

HTML5 development is an open-source stage that could be used in browser apps throughout the internet by several merchants so that anyone can participate in the new application development and no single merchant would have handled all specific features of the internet.
HTML5 Development
HTML5 could possibly make plug-ins like Microsoft Silverlight obsolete, JavaFX and Adobe Flash, as the new stage is expected to integrate streaming video abilities into browser programs. There are many syntactical functions, which are included in the newest launch of HTML5. One would not need any exclusive plug-ins and APIs for additional function since the primary stage will boast of many functions.
No one can estimate what the long run of web development has in shop and what kind of improvements one can get in the future, but HTML5 is absolutely creating an in-depth impact as the technology of the immediate time. One needs to bear in mind that most of the programs which will be designed with the help of new technologies need to be in reverse appropriate solutions so that it appeals to the interest of customers who are using the older set of browsers too.
If you are looking for professional HTML5 mobile application development company, then I suggest you Perception System, for we have pioneered the idea of allowing clients to hire our HTML5 developers to dedicatedly work on their projects. Our trained developers are cool to work with and have the ability to single handedly manage projects.

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Hiring Professional Web Developers India

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In this day and age, the internet is regarded as the most useful platform by means of which business can be conducted. Within this competitive scenario, it is up to you to ensure that your website is rendered distinctive so that it can be foremost amidst these targeted customers. This necessitates the requirement for a full time developer from an offshore web company.
Offshore Web Development

A skilled developer would be able to impart a touch of immaculateness to your website as well as ensure that it is rendered more upright on the internet. The market in this day and age is flooded with manifold offshore outsourcing companies, proffering web developers. Within such a diverse range, it is a difficult task selecting the full time web developer who can construct your website with your specifications. There are numerous factors which must necessarily be taken into deliberation when you wish to avail the services of a full time web developer from an offshore development company. Qualities of a first-rate website developer of an offshore outsourcing firm are as follows:
  • The person must be an expert as well as proficient in the sphere of web company so that he can construct a website in accordance with your specific requirements.
  • It is up to you to assess the intrinsic infrastructure of the web design company prior to availing its services so that you can avail optimum usage of the services of the firm.
  • It is also up to you to ensure whether the method of working is crystal clear or not. The web developer must work in accordance with the particulars which you have specified and must keep you updated as to the recent developments within the process of constructing the website.
  • The method of working of the offshore company must also be assessed. The web developer must ensure that there is absolute clarity in the processes of working, and there must be scope for improvement.
  • Payment plans must also be lucid. The web developer from the offshore design company must neither charge too less or too much. If they charge less, it would mean compromising on the qualitative aspect and if they charge too much for their services, this would be outside your affordability purview.
  • There must be provisions for spotless as well as semantic hand codes, by the full time developer within the offshore development company.
  • Provisions must be entailed for adequate turnaround time, which is necessitated for timely completion of a project.
  • There should be absolute adherence to the qualitative standards by the developer within the offshore web development company. There must be stringent adherence in this regard.
  • There should be adequate stipulation for an Online Order form which would go a long way in ensuring that qualitative work is accomplished by the web designer.
  • There must be a stipulation for a bare minimum time frame for hiring the services of the web developer. It would be quite helpful if a contract is framed within this stipulation.
  • The company must ensure that there is a money back guarantee in case the clientele happens to be dissatisfied with the services which are being proffered by the web designer.
These are the important factors which must be adhered to, prior to availing the services of a full time web developer from an offshore web development company.

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Ecommerce Solutions - A Helping hend for Online Business

Posted by Perception System

Now-a-day, there are many giant corporations and companies that have their ebb and flow, but continue to play an important act in economy. All began with small businesses and reached its current size over many years. Many companies owner who started these enterprises are role models for new businesspeople who are looking for ways to start their new thinks and form their own small businesses.
E-Commerce Development
It may be hard to start a small business, mainly if you want to put up your credit in your target bazaar and compete against competitors that are already underway. There are few reasons that, why it is worth adding e-commerce solutions for your business model.
Numerous consumers connect to the Web at present
There are numerous people across the globe have at least a smart-phone, a laptop or a computer and almost all of these devices have an Internet access. In addition, broadband connections are relatively cheap nowadays.
Largest Corporations and Businesses advantage from them
There are numerous oldest companies that began before the Internet had gone mainstreams are yet adjusting to the Web, because they see the possibility of attracting more people to their commerce. These companies use a variety of e-commerce development, such as using a virtual store on their website, the online catalog or an integrated e-marketing.
Expanded Automation
Advance Technology has played an important role in the automation of key tasks, processing date speed and organizing information. Electronic commerce solutions, such as automated collection and use of demographic data, to speed the exchange of relevant information between companies and the accessibility of secure online payment methods, offer an important competitive benefit for any businesses that use them.
Allows you to develop your business
Your small business must not be small forever. The Bazaar will continues to change, and you have the chance now to get front of your competition by building an e-commerce part of your business. Establish a unique electronic commerce system is the first step for further growth. No matter what kind of small business, which are operating well?
With a little creativity, you able to find which e-commerce solutions Services Provider Company for small businesses that are appropriate to your own commerce or circumstances.

The Role Of PHP Application Development Company In Web Development

Posted by Perception System

PHP is basically a worldwide scripting programming language for developing web applications as well as web integration amongst wide range of programming languages. It has also been engaged for several open source software application integration including Joomla, vBulletin, OsCommerce, and many more. The programming language also works under a number of databases such as Oracle, Sybase, PostgerSQL and also the functionality can be personalized as per the project needs. In addition, the PHP Application is simple to optimize using standard coding techniques for deploying the project productively devoid of any hassles.

PHP provides creating trouble-free and composite web applications in immediate and attaining energy that will promise best-in class software coding according to the business. PHP software development also been employed for creating innovative services such as web calendars for quite a few communities, customer-relationship-management solutions, e-shopping carts using Content Management System, and a lot more, together with the development of PHP Web Applications. PHP software development main goal is to make the process of mounting all the application easier. PHP software development provides support to a custom software organization to recycle the generated programming code in developing extensive web based applications.

There are many benefits of PHP software development to a bespoke IT organization dedicated in developing web based applications and software, some of them includes, PHP shows versatility in nature and can run under almost all the operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, and Windows as well as under major web servers such as Apache and IIS; PHP is mainly very simple to learn and easy in developing self-motivated web applications as contrast to any high level software languages such as C++, ASP.Net; and PHP is an open source software applications and thus reduces software development and maintenance rates, hence developers doest not need to spend money during the installation process.

Perception System provides an expert team of PHP programmers who deliver a wide range of PHP Web Applications for creating standard solutions and services according to the commercial clients' essential. Our major objective is to make a dynamic, ground-breaking, and without difficulty navigated solutions that run under every conditions right from small sized enterprise vendors to large sized co-operate organizations.

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