Some Suggestion Related to Ecommerce Development

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In this competitive mobile world, it is quite daunting task to set e-commerce business, if anyone doesn’t have any idea regarding it. One must have knowledge of internet and some essential marketing strategies, if he/she wants to put his/her legs into strong competition. Actually, today's world is totally depending on online market. There are many small as well as big business moving towards online marketing rather than to set up store in their particular areas. However, developing e-store is not an easy task, one must have to grab knowledge of certain turning of internet. At the time of setting up new online business, you have to deal with some typical process. To tackle with that, it is must for you to read this blog carefully.

First and foremost thing, you have to develop website that should be related to your online company. If you are not that much of experienced to create website by your own, it would be better to hire ecommerce solutions provider that create develop unique and feature-rich website for your business. Create website in such a way that people remember your brand through your website design. For developing your website, if you are going to hire E-commerce developer then you have to do deep research about the company and its professionals. As you are see king for someone, who is experienced and enough knowledgeable to promote your product online. It would be best to take customer review, if you really want that company works excellently.

Before searching for experienced professional, it is mindful to note down your requirements for choosing proper company for your development project. After searching a perfect design for your website, you can start with next step of Ecommerce Development for your business. In this stage, you require software that helps your visitors to purchase your products with an ease. Through software, your visitors can simply make registration and login as customers. One can identify this software as solution software or store management software. Such software are best for operating all the different aspects of your business.

There are many software companies available in the market, however, it is quite difficult for you to chose an appropriate one for your development project. One important thing you can do is make list of top five features that you want to include in your website and search out company accordingly. While searching company ensure to consider your budget as it is one of the biggest factor in your entire development process. To make yourself from free mess up, you can eliminate all the unwanted companies that dont match up with your requirements. One of the best ways to check your chosen company is you can set a test paper for E-commerce developer to test their knowledge.  

Have a Look on Portal Development & Its Different Types

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Generally, a portal is one such website, which works like a single source for different types of information a particular domain. Today, portal development plays a very significant role in every company as it is one of the most beneficial access points for all the users of the web. By using a web portal, users can get a complete range of information that arranged in such manner that is suitable for them to access. If any company designed, implement and maintained a web portal in accurate manner, then it works like an initiate point of a web user commencing him with lots of information, technologies, resources and other important websites that are obtainable on the web.

Moreover, users can easily visit one page to another by navigating lots of crucial information according to their requirements. There are various types of portals and each one has its own features and benefits to offer its users. Commonly, all the portals have lots of information stored in the links with different topics like finance, business, entertainment, sports, news, travel, weather and more.

When it comes to talk about the most popular portals on the Internet, Google, AOL and Yahoo are the major portals that come in everyone’s mind. Furthermore, these portals are personal portals as they store user’s information, data, history, emails, profile information and many more. Today, each and every person can develop any type of portal according to his/her requirements and get lots of benefits.

Have a look on different types of Portal Development:

Vertical Portals: These are such type of web portals that mainly focus on one particular industry or domain. Mainly, these types of portals offer research, articles, tools, information on the particular industry. Vertical portals are great choice for businesses as it is an ideal gateway for them by which they can promote their products and service and increase their online presence on the web. In this type of portals, business, corporate and commerce portals are included.

Enterprise Portals: Enterprise portal, which is also known as corporate portal. It offers personalized access to perfect information for any specific company. These days, enterprise portals are extremely popular among various companies as it offers lots of benefits to companies’ employees and more. We can also say that enterprise portals are one such type of portals that offer virtual workplace for all the individuals like suppliers, consumers, executives, customers and more.

News Portal: Now-a-days, most of the media rooms are making use of news portal that allow them to gain various features. Across the world, different media houses are using news portal that allow them to reach viewers in a very less time as compare to print media counterparts.

Knowledge Portals: Apart from various other portals, knowledge portals are also effectual for offering easy access to huge information which is important for them in one or more roles. Offering lots of benefits to individuals, knowledge portals are essential and play a very significant role.

So, these are some of the most popular types of portals that have their own features, and usefulness. You can get any portal development according to your requirement as there are many companies that offer portal developers team at incomparable rates.

Why It Is Better to Opt for Web Application Development to Boost Online Business?

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In recent times, the demand for web application development has been increased as most of the online businesses want to boost the growth of their business. It is completely best for companies and organizations to prefer web applications rather than software development as it takes huge time of installing in various clients’ computers. As compare to software development, web applications are cost-effective and reliable for customers as they can increase their business presence on the web. Moreover, web application development is a focused part of software development in which development and maintaining of software applications take place.

Whenever it comes to such kind of development, there are many programming languages such as PHP, Java and many more that are being used to carry-out this process. Today, different programming languages and technologies are there to choose from by which web application development companies are getting option for selecting any language that is compatible with different systems, platforms and servers. With a variety of technologies and programming languages, software developers will also get huge flexibility to expand exceptional web applications that drive your online business.

So if you are looking to take your website to a global reach, it is important for you to make use of web applications by which you can get quick results. By using these applications, you can easily do business worldwide on secured network as these applications are secured under passwords as well as gateways. There are various websites that are storing user-information in their database, so those websites can use application development to carry-out important and essential transactions securely.

As we all know, web applications are extremely important for businesses, so they need to outsource their project to any experienced and skilled web application development company that has skilled manpower (developers) and cutting edge technologies to implement in their project. Today, web  development India excels in providing excellent and wonderful quality web applications. These days, the demand for developing web applications is increasing rapidly as these applications are reliable, flexible and scalable.

So if you have decided to outsource your web application development project to Indian companies because of their economical charges and high quality work, then it is beneficial for you to outsource your project to Perception System, a leading web application development company, serves an assortment of services at incomparable rates. The company provides best suitable solutions for your web applications needs by which you will surely increase profit of your business. Apart from this, the company is also able to develop such application that offer maximum output in the form of huge profit.

NopCommerce Solution – A Great Choice for e-Commerce Businessmen

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Are you running an e-Commerce business? Are you not satisfied with the performance of your e-commerce website? If your answer is yes, then its time to use Nopcommerce, which is one of the most powerful open source e-commerce solution based on ASP.NET MVC 4.0. Being a fully customizable shopping cart, nopCommerce is a reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-use e-commerce solution that meets with different business requirements.

Today, it is one of the stable and widely used solutions that offer a plethora of features to it users. By using this e-commerce solution, online businessmen can easily manage their e-store without facing any kind of hassle and pester. NopCommerce hosting provides its users reliable backend tools and catalog front end that allow them to perform their task without any obstacle.

A great functionality, high-performance, and better accessibility make this open source one of the most popular e-commerce solutions. It is an open source platform, so it is for obvious that it is available for free to download. NopCommerce development is one such way that makes a blast in the market in a very short period of time. Loaded with magnificent features, it is the only solution that allows you to manage your site without any serious efforts. Yes, it is true there are many other open source e-commerce solutions like Magneto, ZenCart, X-cart, Joomla and more, but there is nothing like nopCommerce, which is 100% search engine friendly.

So if you want to make your online business successful and want to touch new heights, then it is better for you to opt for nopCommerce. It carries a large number of features that includes multiple language support, live chat option, different currencies support, one-page checkout, SMS notifications, ability to keep products and services in the perfect category, billing & shipping detail and many more. These are some of the exclusive features of nopCommerce that make it popular worldwide. Before opting for this solution, it is also imperative for you to hire nopCommerce developer, who has an ability to develop e-store that based on nopCommerce platform.

You need to hire an expert developer, who excels in providing complete solutions related to it. It is also recommended to you to hire a nopComerce developer from Perception System, which is an India’s fastest growing IT and web solutions company. The company also offers comprehensive open source technologies with requisite features and quality assurance. From its expert team of developers, you can choose any developer on time bases such as full-time, part-time, hourly and more. 

Importance of Customer Service When it Comes to E-Commerce Retailers

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Today, maximum businessmen are turning their physical stores into online stores as the trend of online shopping has increased in recent years. Most of the people are much interested in online shopping as it is a convenient way of shopping, and the best thing about it is that customers can save their money by getting discount offers and more. But what about the online merchants’ role? What kind of services they need to offer to their customers so that they can attract more and more customers on their website. Is it really important for them to focus on customer service to boost their business?

Well, these are some important questions for online merchants and yes, it is extremely important for them to give importance to customer service if they really want to boost their business. By providing high quality customer service, you can offer your customers hassle-free experience that makes them happy and compel them to come again on your website. Currently, there are different ways to provide superior quality customer service to your customers. All the online merchants need to provide a secure payment option, easy-navigation, simple accessing website, 24*7 support, product return policy, guarantee of quality and many more.

All these are different types of customer service that you offer your customers directly or indirectly. Therefore, it is imperative for online business owners to keep these points in mind if they want to get success in e-commerce business. As we all know, physical stores offer various services to its customers, so online shoppers also expect same when they are purchasing your products and services online. In short, we can say that it doesn't matter whether you have a physical store or an online store, providing excellent and high-level customer service plays a very significant role to make your business successful.

Customers are extremely happy with an online shopping concept, According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). As the current reports of February month, customer service stands at 81.1, which is a 1.2 percent jump from last month. It means e-commerce retailers are trying to provide better and better customer service to their patrons.

A founder of ACSI, Claes Fornell said “Just as we have seen in the public sector, consumers enjoy the convenience and power of ecommerce and online transactions.” He also added “Ecommerce is maturing, and even the smaller companies are improving, keeping up with or sometimes surpassing larger, more established companies."

However, online businessmen need to give their complete attention on customer service to gain the trust of their customers. They can give their attention to different customer services and get huge benefits in short period of time.

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Moses Aaron is a professional content writer at PerceptionSystem, which is a leading e-commerce development company India, offering wide range of e-commerce solution services. Moses Aaron has keen interest to get and share e-Commerce information by writing blogs, articles and guest-posts for various popular blogs!!

Web Portal Development: Important Consequence of It

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As we all know that web portal development is developing a website that carries various features like messages, info pages, audio, pictures, video, mail, chat and many more. Each of a portal has essential information stored in its links of different topics like finance, sports, travel, news, business, entertainment, news, etc. On the Internet, AOL, Yahoo! and Google are popular portals, which are personal portals because these portals store history of the users, information, emails, and profile information and so on.

However, there are a range of portals that you can develop according to your business requirements. B2B portal job portal, e-commerce portal, entertainment portal, B2C portal, community portal, e-business portal, enterprise portal, etc are different types of portals that can be easily developed by web portal developers. When it comes to develop a web portal, it requires the service of professionals and experts, who have expertise in strategy making, marketing, executing, planning, and designing. There are various web portal development companies that come-up in the market with their own services to offer, so make sure to hire a leading company that offers you your desired portal development service.

No matter whether you are looking to develop personal portal or business portal, it is much important for you to with an experienced company so that you will experience the real power of portal. By using web portal for your business, your customers can access your different products and services without any hassle as portals are faster, reliable and user-friendly. Apart from this, enterprise portals are known for their quality communication services as these portals have enhanced communication and response time also.

You can also boost overall productivity of your organization, by making proper use of these portals. Therefore, it is important for every organization to use enterprise portal no matter when it is a small enterprise of big enterprise. Among various web portal development companies, Perception System stands out from its competitors as it has special expertise, skills and core knowledge on portals. The company understands the true influence of portal and develops such portal for its clients that help them to attain its business goal in mean-time. Its web portal developers work extremely hard and enthusiastically develop an excellent portal that offers you all the required features benefits.

One of the best things about Perception System is that it is considered as one of the professional web portal development companies in India that offers a complete range of services at cost-effective rates. You cannot find such web portal development company in the India that strongly believes in providing quality work at much affordable rates. So, make sure to hire portal developer from Perception System and enjoy quality, cost-effective and reliable services.

List of Free Portal Templates 2013

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Year-by-year, the employ of portal is going up, whether it is business portal, entertainment portal, job portal or social networking portal. Therefore, many portal are exist on the Internet to fulfill users requirement and new web portal are in queue to overcome on existing portals. In this competitive era (2013), professional design is inevitable for any web portal.

Here are some eye-catching portal templates to stay alive on 2013:

Entertainment Portal Template:


Job Portal Template:


Ecommerce Portal Template:


Business Portal Template:


Social Network Portal Template:

Hope you like these templates. If you looking to develop a new web portal or exist portal customization, then I suggest you perception system. It is one of the leading portal development company from india, which provide quality services and affordable rates. The portal developers at PerceptionSystem offer unique solutions with suitable client requirement.