Role of Web portal development for Business Enterprise

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Presently, it is much compulsory to have online presence for improving business. A web portal or web page is best for delivering information to the potential clients over the net. Visitors get instant information about various sources in a most integrated way by portal. This is the main reason why portal development is one of the best options to adopt. Having number of excellent features like e-mail, databases and entertainment, news, information, stock prices, web portal development is mostly adopted by business people. Moreover, with reliable web portal, users can easily control over multiple applications and databases.

There are many different types of portals such as Health & Medical Web portal, Search portals, cultural Portals, corporate web portals, news portals, government web portals and many more adopted by business person. There are many different web content portals that classified into links to various topics like finance, travel, sports, news, business and many others. One of the best things about having business portals is it provides user-friendly assessment of products and services with excellent communication level.

In present days, the requirements of online portals become essential for all business sizes. Incorporating various online portals helps to enhance productivity of business. In addition, there are numerous functions available in your website that incorporates with business portal. These functions are supply chain management systems, internal and external communication systems, search and navigation functions, task management and workflow applications, and many more. Having web portal helps your customers and employees to be connected and well-manages.
Unknown Advantages Of Having Portal For Business Enterprise
  • Customers enjoy excellent quality of service
  • Do not require more paperwork
  • Faster distribution and managing of the products/services than before
  • Unlimited assessment
  • Marvelous workflow and process
  • Deliver client’s immediately
  • Tracking of customer’s order becomes easy
  • Communication becomes easy
  • Helps to modernize many processes for your organization
  • Easy development of custom products
  • Easy Online payment and billing systems
  • Strong relationship with customers
By reading all such features, you eagerly want to adopt web portal development service for your business. Here, you will find some important tips that help you in choosing reliable portal development. One can find numerous Indian portal development companies that established their unique identity among international clients. They have huge experience of delivering excellent services of various domains for different clients around the globe. However, before hiring them you have to consider certain points to get best service.
  • Ensure to check whether or not, they possess expertise in developing third generation portals for setting up ecommerce development plans.
  • Whether chosen company posses information about B2C verticals
  • Having knowledge of implementing online promotion web marketing strategy, and advertising
  • Whether they are utilizing the latest technicalities for receiving code and data of different types of programs.
  • Adding enterprise content management features and personalized web desktops for receiving better outcome.
  • For better understanding, you can checkout his/her portfolio
Do not get confused while hiring web portal developers, however you have to hire professional designers who have essential knowledge and handle many projects of same category. 

perception systemAfter all, an attractive web portal development platform attracts more number of buyers towards business and enhances business’s productivity as well. So, what are you thinking of now? Hire portal web developers, who deliver excellent solution by creating professional portal websites.

vTiger Application Development – A Godsend CRM Application Solution

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vTiger CRM Software Development BY PERCEPTION SYSTEM PVT LTD

vTiger CRM is an open source CRM application solution that can be used to develop dynamic CRM software to manage, organize, and synchronize your companies’ data, present and future customers and more. It is one of the effective CRM solutions that provide reporting, a customer portal and an Outlook Plugin in its free version; however, all these functionalities are obtainable in paid versions of other CRM applications. By using this wonderful CRM app solution, you can get reliable vTiger CRM software that allows you to get various benefits. This is one such type of solution that especially designed for small as well as medium sized companies.

Mainly, it combines the benefits of open source software with numerous enterprise features to add more value to the end users. On the web, there are various other CRM application Development Our Other Post Read CRM application solutions, but vTiger is an excellent choice for businesses and companies to build long-lasting relationship with their customers. Moreover, vTiger is a professional and certified CRM application, which is a fully featured with lots of functionalities to offer its users. When it comes to the setup cost of this solution, there are no per-seat fees, so small and medium-sized companies can also benefits from this solution. vTiger serves to the mechanization of marketing processes and effective management of client based information.

Across the world, there are various companies and organizations that are opting for this solution as it stuffed with lots of features like marketing management, generating reports, lead management, and scheduling activities like SMS notification, calendars, emails and more. However, these companies need to hire a skilled and Hire vTiger developer professional vTiger developer, who has complete information and core knowledge about CRM software and its technologies. The best thing about this CRM solution is it enhances your lead quality and capture higher quality leads because of the integration of web-to-CRM forms. Moreover, users can also find easy-to-create email marketing tools that aid people in educating their leads related to their products and services.

In short, vTiger CRM software is a great choice for all the companies to build long-lasting relationships with their customers, but companies should hire only experts’ CRM software developers, who have hands-on experience in developing different types of CRM software with lots of features and functionalities. You should also opt for an offshore CRM software development CRM software development company as offshore companies are popular for providing complete solutions based on customer relationship management software. Perception System is a leading and foremost vTiger CRM software development company that excels in providing reliable and effective software for your business to run it smoothly.

Is WordPress an Excellent Option for Ecommerce Website?

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Ecommere Wordpress

These days, most of the entrepreneurs and businessmen are looking to build an e-Commerce website for their business as doing business online is extremely beneficial for them, and they can increase sales as well as profit of their business. In recent times, the craze of online business has increased due to its numerous benefits that it offers to retailers. By doing business online, they can boost the awareness about their business worldwide and turn their companies into brands. In short, we can say that e-Commerce is an excellent choice for all the retailers and businessmen because of its comprehensive range of benefits and features.

When it comes to build an e-Commerce website, there are lots of e-Commerce platforms in the market, and each of these platforms has its own benefits and features to offer. However, most of the people think that only Magento has capability to develop scalable and flexible e-store, but WordPress is also a great open source platform that allows users to develop an e-Commerce website by implementing least efforts. As compare to any other platforms, WordPress is highly interactive, easy-to-use and flexible platform that enables you to update your website’s content, pictures and other stuff easily.

It is one such platform that saves your huge amount of time as well as money, so there is no need to spend your huge amount of time on website updating. One of the best things about this platform is, this platform is full of possibilities and you can easily customize it as per your want. This platform allows you to change in theme, layouts, add and remove sidebars, posts, delete and add pages of your website and more. It also comes with lots of free plugins that are extremely useful for you to stay connected with your customers.

Apart from this, Wordpress platform also offers a wide range of plugins that can be use for free, so you can also save your money here. Many other platforms are there that allow you to build an e-Cart, but those platforms may cost you a lot. So, it is better for you to opt for free plugins which you can use as per your needs. WordPress e-Commerce, Jigo Shop, eShop, WooCommerce, WP-os-Commerce and many more are some of the most popular free cart plugins that you can use and get lots of advantages.

Have a Look on some benefits of WordPress as an e-Commerce platform:
  • WordPress is an open source platform, so it does not charges any money to use.
  • It is one of the most flexible and user-friendly platforms that can be used easily to build dynamic e-Commerce website.
  • The entire process of installation is easy, quick and uncomplicated, so developers do not have to spend their huge time.
  • WordPress is a great platform for new entrepreneurs and businessmen as it allows easy updating of website’s content, pictures and more.
  • Obtainable with different and free plug-ins, WordPress is one of the best choices for people to extend and improve the functionality of WordPress.
  • Hassle-free way to manage your entire e-Commerce website if it is built on WordPress platform.
  • It has such tools and techniques by which you can stay connected with your valuable customers and live interaction with them.
So, these are some of the major benefits of this platform that users can get if they use it as an e-Commerce platform. 

Company Bio: 
Perception System is renowned e-Commerce Development Company based in India. The company offers a comprehensive range of e-Commerce solutions to make one’s business on the top-most position. Hire an expert e-Commerce developer from our company and get wonderful quality work on time and on budget!!

Magento eCommerce Development – Best Magento Extensions to Use in 2013

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Gradually, Magento is gaining huge popularity in the market as it is an open source eCommerce platform that allows businesses to develop highly reliable and user-friendly website to sell their products and services worldwide. Today, most of the developers prefer Magento platform as it is extremely powerful and easy to use for businesses. The best part of this platform is that it has flourishing community of developers and followers who create superior quality plugins, extensions and other important tools to make this platform more powerful and useful for businesses.

By using Magento extensions and plugins, developers can easily expand the capability and add many new features in this platform. It is also beneficial for website owners as it boost the visibility of their website and offer excellent user-experience. When it comes to Magento eCommerce developer, you should hire an expert Magento developer, who has years of experience in developing Magento website with plentiful features and functionalities. If you already have Magento website and you are looking to expand its capability and add new features, make sure to opt for Magento extensions that are highly popular for its range of benefits.

However, there are various Magento extensions and each one has its own features and functionalities to offer its users, so businesses should choose highly popular and spectacular extensions. Here, you can find some of the best Magento extensions that allow you to get various advantages that you are looking for.

The M2E Pro extension is a highly popular and fully integrates Magento into eBay, Amazon, PLAY.COM and many other platforms. Through this extension, you are allowed to create quick and simple product listings. You can also manage the entire product listing easily, sync stock levels, import eBay/Amazon/Rakuten order and more.

AJAX Cart Pro is a great Magento extension that enables customers to add and remove products from their stores. Without any hassle and obstacle, Magento users can edit and delete any of the products from their website. Through this instant interaction, users are allowed to continue shopping without waiting for pages to refresh. The best part of this extension is that it also works on the shopping cart and allows deletions and additions without page reloads.

Horizontal Product Slider is a great Magento extension that helps you to attract millions of customers to your website by horizontal product slider in your website. Through this extension, website owners can easily display lots of products in a highly effective manner. 

To develop your own magento extension for your ecommerce website? then content perception system. It is one of the leading ecommerce development company in india

NopCommerce Development Services Entering In the World of Ecommerce

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Business person, who is looking to establish their online business, can have numerous open source options to develop website. I have group of developers with me, who are working with different open source solutions like Zencart, Magento, etc. However, I personally like nopCommerce development due to its uniqueness and outstanding features that make me delight. At the time of launch of NopCommerce Software, we can’t see any effective response from NopCommerce Software, but as time changes it mostly accepted by numerous people as it is named as one of the most capable open source platforms for Ecommerce store.

NopCommerce Development Services
If we are the popularity of NopCommerce, we found it the best one due to its excellent features and amazing functionality. Let’s see why nopCommerce development becomes popular in stipulated time-frame. Being an open source platform, it is coded in ASP.NET 3.5 and uses MS SQL 2005, which is the most compatible database. This platform allows new users to access with basic computer information, which is one of the excellent qualities the most developers are looking for. Moreover, NopCommerce platform can easily customize according to the user’s choice.

Using this software is very simple. It also has option of categorization that can be used to define different types of categories as per store requirements. Apart from, this platform features option like one page checkout and anonymous checkout, which is must required for every ecommerce website. In addition, if you are developing any kind of e-store for your business, ensure to add multiple languages and multiple currencies, so you can extend it globally and you will be happy to know that this software delivers you both the requirements.

NopCommerce Development
Over thirty payment system is supported by this platform that includes option of sales prices, discount. This platform supports number of the payment gateways such as Google Checkout, PayPal and Moreover, you can also able to add more than one image of product so clients can view in better ways. Among all, what I like the most is it allows me to attach my site with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook along with SMS notifications and live chat option. The amenity of real time currency exchange is also provided by this software. As an e-store owner, you can get various solutions through NopCommerce Development Services such as
  • Specific implementation, installation & configuration
  • Optimized & tightly integration solution for advanced search
  • Rich customized modules, skins, buttons, signs, features etch
  • Update from older model to fresh new store
  • Implementation for CDN to leverage static resources
  • Ecommerce online website design & development
  • Varied gateways & calculators for better faceted transactions and many more.
Having so many unbelievable features, nopCommerce platform is booming the development market and accepted by admin at the high level. Being an SEO friendly platform, it allows gathering potential traffic towards your online store. Users can also find some restrictions with this platform, i.e. users have to change the source data for more extensions, which may brunt the upgrade of the app. 

Apart from, you can also see some bugs as application can be changed as code take enough space. Lastly, you can also able to incorporate third party applications, CMS, CRM, ERP, etc. if you want to enhance productivity of your e-store with NopCommerce Development Services. It is fact that all the services comes with some pros and cons, however accepting development service without cons is one of the great ideas. So, get ready with your concept of e-store development and create amazing store through