Magento eCommerce Development – Best Magento Extensions to Use in 2013

Posted by Perception System
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Gradually, Magento is gaining huge popularity in the market as it is an open source eCommerce platform that allows businesses to develop highly reliable and user-friendly website to sell their products and services worldwide. Today, most of the developers prefer Magento platform as it is extremely powerful and easy to use for businesses. The best part of this platform is that it has flourishing community of developers and followers who create superior quality plugins, extensions and other important tools to make this platform more powerful and useful for businesses.

By using Magento extensions and plugins, developers can easily expand the capability and add many new features in this platform. It is also beneficial for website owners as it boost the visibility of their website and offer excellent user-experience. When it comes to Magento eCommerce developer, you should hire an expert Magento developer, who has years of experience in developing Magento website with plentiful features and functionalities. If you already have Magento website and you are looking to expand its capability and add new features, make sure to opt for Magento extensions that are highly popular for its range of benefits.

However, there are various Magento extensions and each one has its own features and functionalities to offer its users, so businesses should choose highly popular and spectacular extensions. Here, you can find some of the best Magento extensions that allow you to get various advantages that you are looking for.

The M2E Pro extension is a highly popular and fully integrates Magento into eBay, Amazon, PLAY.COM and many other platforms. Through this extension, you are allowed to create quick and simple product listings. You can also manage the entire product listing easily, sync stock levels, import eBay/Amazon/Rakuten order and more.

AJAX Cart Pro is a great Magento extension that enables customers to add and remove products from their stores. Without any hassle and obstacle, Magento users can edit and delete any of the products from their website. Through this instant interaction, users are allowed to continue shopping without waiting for pages to refresh. The best part of this extension is that it also works on the shopping cart and allows deletions and additions without page reloads.

Horizontal Product Slider is a great Magento extension that helps you to attract millions of customers to your website by horizontal product slider in your website. Through this extension, website owners can easily display lots of products in a highly effective manner. 

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