Types of PHP Operators Used for PHP Development in India

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Biggest difference between living and non living things is that we are gifted with brain which gives us the power to think and act accordingly. Men created technology, lacks the logic to think on its own and act accordingly. But we have the power to advance technology to perform certain iterative functions using different numerical combinations. Coding language like PHP extensively uses numerical combinations represented through PHP operators by a PHP developer in India while working on any project for PHP development in India.

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Operators in PHP help the PHP developer in India to add functions like plus, minus, division, multiplication etc to variables and values using symbols or combination of symbols like +,-,/,*,++, +- etc. Values and variations to be used in a particular operation are represented through operands. PHP operators work in conjunction with operands in all projects for PHP development in India. Type of operator used during PHP application development depends on the location and number of operators in the application.

Industry for PHP development in India uses different types of operators to add various functions to the application. In this article we will take a look at some of the commonly used operators :

1) Assignment Operator : As the name suggests it has lot to do with assignment, it helps a PHP developer in India assign value to a variable in the project for PHP development in India. Developer can assign integers, strings and results of functions using assignment operator.

2) Concatenation Operator : Through this a developer can assign one value to another. It can be used to affix variables, strings and even results of functions. Value of an existing variable can be appended using assignment concatenation operator.

3) Arithmetic Operators : You might have already got an idea, arithmetic operators are used to work with numbers just like arithmetic symbols are used in Maths. Function of each arithmetic operator remains almost similar to the mathematical symbol they represent. For example (+) plus sign is used to add values together.

4) Incrementing/Decrementing Operators : Increase or decrease of value by one space in any PHP development in India project is represented using incrementing or decrementing operators. These are very much different from the arithmetical operators as it is usually a combination of various symbols used in Maths like,
++$var: Increases $var by 1, then returns it
$var--: Returns $var, then decreases it by 1
--$var: Decreases $var by 1, then returns it

5) Comparison Operators : These operators are used when comparison is to be made between one value and other like to asses if a value is greater than or smaller than some other value. PHP developer in India uses comparison operator to code conditional functions and ascertain whether the input is true or false.

6) Logical Operators : PHP developer in India uses logical operators to add logic to the project for PHP application development. Through this operator they can actually verify more than two conditions, situations etc. Use of logical operator can be found on member login pages which allow only registered members to log in.

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