Magento Development vs osCommerce Development

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Magento and osCommerce, both are widely accepted and implemented ecommerce solutions which allow store owners to run their online business successfully. Well, both are ecommerce website development solutions and embedded with all constructive features required to build a flourishing web store. This article has been written with intent to enlighten the pros associated with magento development over osCommerce. So, let's check out the following advantages of Magento development over osCommerce development.

OsCommerce Development
When we talk about the osCommerce, it is an open source ecommerce platform which is backed with well established osCommerce community. If you want to run an osCommerce powered website, your web server must support PHP web scripting language and MySQL database.

Magento Development
As far Magento is concerned, it is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. It offers you a package of powerful tools which help to create and maintain an ecommerce shop in perfect way. In order to run Magento store, you need Apache/MySQL/PHP platform. For effective performance of Magento store, it is suggested to hire reliable web hosting services. It is also powered by a community of experts, due to which you are able to create stunningly beautiful eCommerce themes.

Magento vs osCommerce:

1) Magento development requires qualitative servers from particular hosting providers for running an ecommerce store perfectly, while in case of osCommerce, shared web hosting account is enough to run the osCommerce platform.

2) Magento is equipped with various modules which help in building a fully featured website. The set of features in Magento CMS not only includes all features of osCommerce, but also contains lots of other add-on modules.

3) Magento has a perfectly organized backend system with clean structure due to which the backend system of Magento is more liked and appreciated as compare to osCommerce. Moreover, many people found some issues related to the coding and back end system in osCommerce.

4) Magento is newer than osCommerce. But still being older, osCommerce development has not been so successful in attracting web developers as compare to Magento development.

At the whole, osCommerce development is popularly known for its easy installation and the Magento development is known for its configuration and customization. It is true that Magento takes all the best things from osCommerce, but takes these aspects into next level of sophistication. Magento developers make full use of these advantages and applied them to create better web application.

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