Web development in India - Identifying and Overcoming the Challenges

Posted by Perception System
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Indian software and web development industry has carved a niche for itself on the world platform. It has no doubt become the software outsourcing hub of the world but there are some issues, which need to addressed, if India wants to retain number one slot for long time to come.
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Major IT hubs in India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc are overcrowded and their infrastructure is stretched to limits by growing population. The web development costs have increased because of the higher living costs. Since majority of Indian IT industry is located here, it is becoming less competitive compared to other outsourcing destinations like China, Philippines, etc., on price front.

The best way forward is to encourage IT investment in emerging Tier II cities like Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Rajkot, etc. The Government should offer tax breaks and set up IT parks in these cities so that IT companies can take advantage of lower real estate prices and cheaper skilled manpower, compared to tier I cities. This will help them to deliver cost-effective software/web solutions to their outsourcing clients.
Terrorism is another big issue and security scenario looks grim. The government should show more political will to settle troublesome issues so that terrorism or violence hit areas become peaceful. This will enhance growth of IT industry across the country, instead of being limited to few IT hubs.
India is nation of youth because it has largest population of the young people in the world. The future of IT industry seems bright. However concrete steps need to be taken on the education front. The education system needs complete revamp and should be made more industry oriented, to serve the needs of Corporate India, especially the IT sector.

The slow speed of infrastructure growth is other reason to worry about. There is lack of commitment on the part of the Government to speed up the growth in this crucial sector of the economy. Unlike, in China where the projects get done before deadline, Indian infrastructure growth is hit by bureaucratic delays. This is hurting IT industry. To overcome this problem it is necessary to speed up infrastructure development in Tier II cities so that IT industry benefits from lower development costs and becomes more competitive on world platform.
India is world leader in BPO and IT, but it should divert more of its energies in training manpower and creating suitable infrastructure to serve the new demands like KPO. The IT industry is at present is not completely equipped to train its professionals/youth for KPO industry, which has a very bright outsourcing future.

It is high time Indian Government and IT industry work in tandem to short out the issues, which will definitely help web and software development companies to deliver cutting-edge solutions at very competitive pricing. This will ensure that India continues to remain the software/web outsourcing hub of the world in the foreseeable future.