Web Development and Flex Development - A Fruitful Marriage

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 Web Development
The arrival of Adobe Flex in the web development industry has completed changed the scenario. This open source Rich Internet Application (RIA) development framework allows developers to pack rich and interactive features in the websites so that they behave like living entities.

Flex development is one of the most sought after web application development platform because of its capability to deliver intelligent and highly responsive websites and web applications, which react well to visitor queries. The days are over for the static websites because they do not have the magnetism, like the dynamic ones, to attract visitors and successfully convert them into actual buyers. Web development industry has tremendously benefited from Adobe Flex as it has opened new avenues for Internet users.

Now you can launch an interactive e-commerce shopping cart, an e-learning and trading website, social networking and internet marketing web portals because of following salient features of Flex development:
  • Seamless support for 2D/3D animation. 3D animation is the future of the web development industry.
  • Provides website/web application the tenacity to withstand rigors of heavy Internet traffic.
  • High degree of scalability, which ensures that you can easily adjust your website according to changing business scenario.
  • Supports interactive graphs, video and audio clippings and multimedia so that your website does the talking on your behalf.
  • You’re Flex based RIAs perform well across major browsers and operating systems. There are no compatibility issues.
  • “No refresh” feature of your web application reduces its reaction time to queries. Your clients enjoy quick and hassle-free access to required information.
Flex development is shaping the destiny of web development industry because today majority of the websites and web applications that you come across or use are Flash/Flex based. This fruitful marriage between Web development and Adobe Flex has opened new avenues for people. At click of button they can now buy, sell, advertise, socialize, participate in live seminars, train and educate online and carry out other important activities, without leaving their comfort zones.


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  2. Anonymous said...

    The interactive features provided by Adobe Flex allow highly responsive websites and web application. It is essential that customers be attracted and retained through visitor queries using conversion points. There is great support for 2D and 3D animation, interactive graphs, and video using these web portals.