PHP Zend Speeds Up Custom Web Development

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Custom web development is the catchphrase of web/software industry. It has its own merits and empowers web developers to craft client oriented web solutions. The advancements in the software/ web technology and changing tastes of the end users are creating new development challenges for the web developers. Custom web development enables developers to use effectively various frameworks and deliver customized web services to their clients/end users.

Custom web development can be a time consuming business, especially, when used for building large websites like social networking, e-learning, reality and other portals with large content volumes. This is where PHP Zend steps in to ease things out for the developers.
Zend is an extension of PHP. It augments the benefits of PHP development platform by speeding up the web development process. Following features of Zend make it an ideal platform for custom web development.

  • MVC architecture, with loosely bound modules give developer greater control over web development process. Hence there are no development hassles, which drain time and money.
  • The coding is simple and not time consuming. It allows quick development of application
  • It has rich library support for repeated use in application development. This also speeds up the web development process.
  • Provides greater scalability to application for future changes in the website and application.
  • Supports Adobe flash builder for Rich Internet Application Development (RIA) for greater user experience

PHP Zend aids the custom web development by reducing the development time, without compromising development quality standards so that end users enjoy richer web applications in hassle-free manner.


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