The Significance of PHP in Web Development

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PHP development has become synonymous with web development and it would not be wrong to say that they both are two different sides of same coin. Though in larger picture PHP is a subset of Web world, it is too precious to be ignored as –just another web programming language. Today almost half of the web development industry runs on PHP.

 Web Development
Whenever you hit internet highway you come across wide range of websites and web applications. Majority of them owe their existence to PHP. This open source scripting language teams up well with MySQL database and empowers developers to craft robust, scalable and high customized web applications and websites. The days of static websites are over and now the dynamic ones, like online shopping carts, networking and social media applications, trading and e-learning portals rule the web world. PHP has played a significant role in bringing about this change.

If you want to get you’re website or application custom developed at low costs then do not look beyond PHP development platform. It is a simple and easy programming language to learn and hence there is no dearth of talented PHP developers in outsourcing hub like India. You can hire PHP developers to get you're shopping cart, website or web application of choice developed at very reasonable rate.

PHP has support of huge developer community around the world and many PHP experts regularly contribute to it. This has helped it to evolve as the most dependable and cost-effective web development platform in the world.


  1. PHP Developer said...

    you're very right my friend, PHP development has become synonymous with web development. Today's maximum website was made in PHP..

  2. Web Design Chennai said...

    In today's era web development is becoming booming so for this PHP development is important in many business web sites

  3. Rize said...

    Well explained the importance of PHP in web development.