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Many merchants who are currently selling online know how important it is to use the right ecommerce solutions to power their business. The questions is, are the shopping cart software that they are using up to date with the recent times? With the emergence of mobile commerce that is taking consumers and retailers by storm at the moment, it pays to use the right solution to help power your business efficiently.

What Is Mobile Commerce?
These days, consumers will find that the majority of mobile phones that are in the market have features that will allow them to surf online conveniently. Naturally, application and software developers continue to come up with powerful ecommerce solutions that will enable consumers to not only surf the internet with their mobile phones but also to allow them to make purchases online conveniently. That way, consumers do not have to be limited in doing their shopping with the use of their personal computer at home or in the office. This has allowed them to do their online shopping while they are on the go anywhere with the use of their mobile phones. We call this mobile commerce.

Is Your Online Store Ready?
For merchants who already have their own online store, now would be a good time to make sure that your online store is mobile commerce friendly. Basically, this means that anyone who wishes to surf online with their mobile phones are able to view your online store on their phones clearly. In order to do so, your store needs to be mobile-optimized. Check with your shopping cart software provider to see if they have the feature to help you get your store mobile-optimized in the fastest and easiest way possible without driving you up the wall. That way, your existing customers could easily buy from you with their phones wherever they may be.

Make It Known
Most people may not know that your store is mobile commerce friendly unless you let them know. This can be done easily by having a few buttons or seals on your current site mentioning it to your customers and asking them to try it out. You will be surprised that customers would even call you with their mobile phones just to confirm the purchases when they see how easy it is to buy online from your store with their phones. Inform them through your Facebook and Twitter store accounts along with your newsletters that you send out monthly about the latest promotions. Once you have their mobile numbers, you could even send them a short message keeping them in touch.

There's now more ways to sell online than before and merchants should really take the opportunity to upgrade themselves with the tools and features that are made available by powerful shopping cart providers. Getting your online store mobile optimized is one of them.

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