Php Application Development Made Easy By Its Open Source

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PHP is commonly used server side scripting language. Best part of PHP is that it can be smoothly embedded with HTML. It is mainly used for development of dynamic and interactive website. PHP can very well interact with other technology to get great output. PHP application development is not only related to the programming in PHP and HTML. In three layers architecture of web development PHP is at server side and it has to interact with both client side scripting such as Java script, HTML etc. and Database such as MySql. On the basis of client request PHP process the data from database and return it to the client.
PHP is open sources technology with large community support. PHP programming is not platform dependent its server comes for almost all Operating System such as Windows (WAMP), Linux (LAMP) etc.
Large collections of opensource are available with core development in PHP. This provide ready to use package with standard feature. Some of the most famous open source projects are following:
Joomla: It is a content management system. It is very easy to install and customize. There are lots of free and paid designed themes available. It has also got both free and paid collection of module, component and plug-in which extend the functionality of your website. Its well managed control panel that makes backend maintenance very easy for website. Joomla is not a single CMS, Wordpress, Drupal and many more are there with its own special features.
Oscommerce: It is open source for on line shopping website. In few hours you can create your own online shop with required basic feature. As it is open source its code is available there and you can make changes in it according to your requirement. Few more products are also there in this category such as Zen Cart, Magento, FreeWebShop etc.
There are lots of open source projects available for solving different purposes. Such as phpBB, b2evolution, vBulletin are for blogging site development. In that way there is open source project available for Forum site, CRM application, HRM application, ERP application, Social Networking site, Video sharing site, project management application, Software Testing application and many more. Each of these projects has got very high quality of programming standard and they are regularly updated with improved coding and additional new features. Collection of PHP open source is ocean and you love to swim in it. Best part of these open sources is that php developers are free to make changes in their code as per your specific requirement. These types of package save your 50% to 70% of money and time form development.

Finding right place for PHP application development is very important before starting development. There are lots of freelancer and PHP Development Company. But I recommend Perception System for PHP web applications development. Perception System has got the expertise in PHP related development both from scratch and by using open sources such as Joomla, Word press and others.

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