PHP Development: Present and Future Trends

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Do you know the surge in demand related to PHP development and its developers? PHP is one of the finest and cost-effective tools for web development as it is open-source and in this sense, revolutionary. Most companies are trying to rope in adept PHP developers for their web business. PHP is by far one of the best programming tools and one of the most effective too.

Some of the salient benefits of using PHP for web development include:

Open source and free

Supports multiple platforms and web servers

Excellent support for MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle databases

Supports XML, LDAP, IMAP and other IPs

Extensible via its powerful Application Programming Interface

MVC framework support

Open source CMS like Drupal and Joomla available

Plethora of security levels

PHP supports rapid web development due to its extensible features and powerful API. Many offshore development companies offer a variety of Application development solutions. Some of the services on offer are:

Custom PHP Application Development

Website Redesign & Upgrades

Dedicated PHP Developers

E-commerce Development

CakePHP / PHP Zend Development

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal customization

osCommerce, Magento and X-cart customization

Indian companies are well known providers of web development services. They design and develop sites and portals for a range of clients and their offerings include defining the site structure, development of the structure, design layout, HTML conversion and production, and QA-testing. The site is now ready to use.

Website redesign includes effective navigation features and visual appeal, should support multiple platforms and sport a professional presence. Clients demand an interactive site always as it makes a world of difference to how business is conducted with the clients.

Adequate infrastructure and manpower is pivotal for the implementation of a project. Nowadays, PHP commerce web development professionals use the most efficient and the latest web development technologies as there have been drastic changes to the current PHP version.

CakePHP and Zend frameworks are built on MVC which helps the programmers and developers to work independently. This design model allows the web pages to be mostly separated from the intrinsic code, so that it helps the designers and programmers focus on own modules and expertise. Most PHP development companies also provide the open source customization services for Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress which can relieve your web management headache. Additionally, PHP developers work on e-commerce sites which are based in PHP like Oscommerce / Magento / X-cart which are highly customizable shopping carts.

PHP 5 and MySQL have been used to create some amazing web apps in their time. Essentially, if you can imagine it and if it involves a database - PHP5 with MySQL will almost certainly provide the answer. Is your project the next groundbreaking use for this partnership?Talk to us today for a free quote on your next PHP Mysql Development or Offshore Software Development project.



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