iPad 2- A Great Learning Tool

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Apple’s recent offering iPad 2 has taken over from its predecessor in a smart way. iPad 2 is lighter, sharper and smarter tablet PC compared to earlier version and has some great features that make it a great e-learning tool.
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The interactive touch screen clearly distinguishes iPad 2 from the rest of computing devices. It reacts well to the human touch and displays required information. The LED backlighting makes it easy for the users to view screen contents clearly even under dim light conditions. The Wi-Fi connection gives users the liberty to move around or relax in their favorite spot and use iPad web application to access digital content of their choice.
iPad provides content access through touch screen, hence there is no need of mouse or keyboard. A simply finger touch gives students access to their course content, academic papers, assignments and other documents of interest. This direct access to information speeds up learning process and makes it more interactive. iPad 2 comes with video mirroring feature, which allows the teachers to connect their iPad with classroom projector or HDTV screen for display and teaching purposes.
Students can walk in their classroom with their sleek looking iPads and use it in place of their books. They can download suitable iPad apps from thousands of apps available on Apple apps store to create custom documents, assignments, tables, spreadsheets, projects and other academic papers as a part of school or college curriculum. Those interested in e-learning can participate in online classes and follow their curriculum through their iPad.
Students can use iPad e-book application to flip through the pages of e-books effortlessly and have an enjoyable reading experience on their iPad. They can use free ibook app to buy e-books of their choice. The crystal clear display screen and special features allow them to read PDF books and bookmark them for later use. They can save the useful content and take a print out through Air Print feature by directing the data to printer through Wi-Fi route. Thus it can be rightly said that iPad 2 is a great learning tool.


  1. Mike Bosch - Software Engineer said...

    Nice sharing.

  2. ethansamuel17 said...

    Yes, you are right. iPad is a great e-learning tool. With iPad, the classroom is always at your fingertips.