iPad 2 - Feel the Difference

Posted by Perception System
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Apple has surprised people in the past through launch of amazing devices like iPhone and iPad. It has once again repeated the history by launching iPad 2. This sleek device is more compact and faster than its predecessor.

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If you are mobile gaming enthusiast then iPad 2 is a perfect device for you. It has in-built accelerometer, which works in unison with three-axis gyroscope and compass. Your game applications zealously follow every twist, tilt and turn of your iPad 2 to give you greater interactive experience. The Dual-core A5 microprocessor chip doubles the processing speed so that your games graphics load and work, super fast to raise performance levels.
The 9.7 inches of high resolution display screen with LED backlighting is a delight to your eye. You enjoy your favorite music videos, photos, movies, games or e-book apps, undisturbed and un-affected by dim lighting conditions around you.
Ipad 2 is wonder tool for interactive learning. Students can use their iPad web applications to keep track of their school/college assignments, schedules and courses through internet. The video mirroring feature of iPad 2 is boon for teachers because they can connect their iPad with HDTV or classroom projector to vividly display the topic under discussion to all the students. No more need of blackboard in classroom. iPad 2 has come here to stay.
Whether your socialize or read books online, surf net or drop emails, as you move about, you will certainly feel the difference that iPad 2 brings in your life. Apple promises to enhance your user experience further, in coming months, through its projected launch of third generation iPad3, in 2012. Till then keep rocking with your iPad 2.


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