Benefits of Agile Web Development Methodology

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The word Agile means lively. In Agile web development methodology, web application development project is split into different milestones with each one allotted a completion deadline. The great thing about this methodology is that it encourages client participation, right from the beginning till end of the project. The client interacts with developers, provides them inputs as the project advances so that his or her feedbacks are put into practice to ensure an outcome, which is completely in line with client’s expectation.
In Agile web development methodology web application development project is divided into different phases like feasibility and analysis, planning, designing, coding, testing and deployment. During each phase, client is taken into confidence. His or her views/inputs are absorbed in web development process so that end product is highly customer-centric. Agile methodology has its own merits because developer at any given stage of the project know exact requirement of customer and builds application, accordingly. He or she does not waste time on re-designing or reworking the application, thanks to timely inputs, which come from the client during progression of web development project.
Agile methodology ensures that there is no communication gap between web developer and client, at any stage of web development project. Clients today use modern communication channels like live chat, video conferencing, text messaging and Internet telephony to interact with their offshore web development company and oversee the web application development process, right from conception to its final deployment.


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