Commonly Used Platforms and Tools for Web Application Development

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As internet has become a major player on the global economic front, web application development industry is booming rapidly in the current age of information technology. Web applications are being widely used and demanded by leading enterprises, online businesses and big as well as small companies. There are so many companies offering web application development services and people doing different type of businesses are taking full advantage of hiring such Web Application Development companies that have experience and expertise in developing all kinds of web applications.

The common web applications are developed by using Oracle's Common Gateway Interface (CGI), Adobe Flex, Flash Builder, Microsoft .NET, HTML, PHP, ASP, XML, JSP and JAVA Scripts. Microsoft's .Net web application development environment enables businesses to connect and collaborate with their employees, customers and partners through web services. Not just this, Microsoft.Net technology can quickly build, manage and use secured connected solutions with web applications. It also involves a new program development process that increases productivity by changing the way programs are written and executed. PHP is used for creating dynamic and interactive web applications in Linux platform. PHP is used for developing e-commerce websites with shopping carts and CMS, CRM, community tools web calendars, online chat softwares and discussion forums. Expert web application developers can also create complex, enterprise-class frameworks in PHP. JSP allow separating front-end presentation from business logic. It is a great Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach to Web applications. JSP is quite similar to ASP. However, ASP pages are written in Visual Basic Script whereas, JSP pages are written in the Java programming language. JavaBeans technology is used for developing JSP based web applications while and ASP are made by ActiveX components. Java-based web application development services include Java web solutions and dynamic Java software development that are aimed at providing custom business solutions to companies. online chats, ERP, CRM integrated search, data warehousing, administration panels, CMS, RSS Feeds and software solutions for sales force automation and every other business related solutions are also developed by using Java. Apart from the above mentioned types of web applications, tools and platforms, some open source web applications are being widely used these days, which includes: Joomla, Drupal, osCommerce, Open Cart, Wordpress, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, VirtueMart and many others.

Developers can rely on numerous wizards to automate many manual functions for web application development, such as database design, forms design and other capabilities and functionalities which are otherwise coded manually. A good web application Development Company can make better choice of the tools, platforms and languages that are implemented for developing web applications. A web application development company can also offer to create customized web application for business owners so that they can meet their goals and improve the ways of carrying out their business effectively and successfully. If you require web applications for your business then always try to find and choose hire a web application development company that has a highly professional and dedicated work force, quality standards, excellent customer relationships and knowledge and experience of developing all types of web applications by using various platforms and tools. Some web application development companies offer outsourcing services worldwide, enabling you to hire a web application development company in any part of the world which has the best team of web application developers, who are expert in both technical and domain specific environments and can create web applications for your business requirements within the limits of your budget and offer to complete your web application development project on time. In other words, outsourcing all your web application development requirements to a web application development company will help you in concentrating on other core business activities.

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