5 Phases of Web Development

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When you look at a website, you more than likely don't think of all of the stages that go into building the final product. After all, it does seem like a simple thing to produce. However, web design and web development are composed of many stages. Think of it as a collaborative project, where all stages must be completed before moving on to the next. Design and development, in building a website, can be broken into 5 phases. Let's consider these step by step.

Gathering of Information:

This is arguably the most important phase of entire site process, since all of the client's wishes are established here. Here, the web designer and project manager can discover the aesthetic of the site, functionality, and overall goals. These are some of the things one can expect to consider in this phase:

1- Purpose of the Site?
What does the client want to achieve? Is it a business or a personal endeavor?

2- Goals?
Does the client wish to make money, increase traffic, market, boost sales, etc.?

3- Who Are Your Targeting?
Depending on your goals, your target audience will vary. If you have an ecommerce site, you will want to target those who wish to purchase your product.

4- Gather Content?
If people are in fact looking to purchase something from you, you will need to direct them accordingly. Content, or text, is the best way to do this.

The planning of the site encompasses putting together a project timeline. This will, ideally, orchestrate the strategic approach to building the website, from that point forward. Here, the site map is developed which is an architectural floor plan for the final product.

The web designer will now implement the aesthetic wishes for the site product. Starting with the homepage, he will create designs, which must then be approved by the client. There will typically be a good deal of communication from the client to designer. Further, several prototypes will be created, to ensure 100% satisfaction with the final product. Once all of the designs are approved, the designer can pass the project along.

The web developer will now add functionality to the approved design pages. In this phase, specific code language will be applied to the back end of the site. This language is customized to allow the pages to perform according to plan.

Before the site is made live, those who worked on the site must test it out and make sure it works perfectly. The team will deliver the site to the client and have him click through as well. Once approved by the client, the website can be made live on the Web.

The website design process will always vary slightly. However, whether you are working with a New York web design firm, LA design company, or any other website design companies, this approach should be the basis for the project.

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