List of Languages Used In Web Development India

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In recent time, we have noted that more and more businesses are moving towards online by setting up one attractive website. But, being a non-professional person, you dint have any idea regarding web development languages. Even, you don’t know which language is best for developing your website. In such circumstance, it would be fruitful to hire professional developers from some reputed web development India company.

Along with choosing an appropriate programming language for development, such web development companies are also taking of web design, content writing,etc. While searching the perfect company, ensure to check whether their professionals have knowledge of updated and most common languages or not. Below, we are discussing some of the essential and most useful programming languages that used for web development India.


Java language is one of the superior programming language. It is appreciated by developers because of its independent features and special technology that used by this language. Moreover, Java doesn't support pointers such as C that solves all the problems related to computer viruses. Some of the excellent prime object characteristics such as encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, etc. are supported by Java.

Perl is one of the high-level dynamic programming language that doesn’t support he graphics and security wanted for Internet programming by their own. But, one should have to worry as such essential features are available in Perl/Tk. Perl/Tk , which is extended version used for accessing to the Tk GUI library. Most of the developers are choosing such language for developing single websites within stipulated time-frame.

ASP.NET - Active Server Pages:

ASP. Net is the mostly used for creating dynamic websites, different XML web applications and web services rapidly. Such application can be used for creating into the .NET Framework and use excellent programming languages like C# or VB.NET for creating different types of applications. Using ASP. Net, developers can give you surety of better security and safety as it is loaded with Windows authentication and pre-application configuration.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails:

It is open-source programming language, comes with clean syntax that is best for enhancing productivity of development. This framework is written in Ruby that follows the Model-View-Controller model. Being a highly-productive, it is authorize industrial-strong web applications


ColdFusion is one of the easiest programming languages that used to develop server-side web applications without using much codes than technologies like PHP, ASP, etc. Web developers can easily create forms and dynamic pages through CFML and tags that connected to the database. Developing feature-rich website is much easier with ColdFusion as developers don't necessitate much training for using this platform.

Above, we have discussed some of the essential Web Development languages that used for creating amazing website. Apart from above, there are some other types of languages such as Python, C, C++, etc. that also used for developing website.


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