Dedicated Resources For Web Development: Be Careful When You Choose

Posted by Perception System
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What is ‘Dedicated Resources’?

The technical and intellectual manpower that can be hired from a company, by a client who requires them for a part or whole of his project functions such as development, testing, designing or maintenance or all of them is called a 'Dedicated Resource'. A client can hire 1 or more programmers or as a Team with a Team Leader who will lead and co-ordinate the project according to the clients’ directions.

Today dedicated teams are hired from web development firm majorly, for the following type of projects:

- Website design

- Web application development

- Mobile application development

- Php web development

- Software Testing

- Content management development

- E-Commerce web development

- Customized web application

- Maintenance of existing sites or applications

- Search Engine Optimization

Hiring a Dedicated Resource for one or a set of functions from a web development company has become a very advantageous practice today due to the time, money, effort and risk it saves. You may outsource a crucial task in your project to a reliable web development company for various reasons. While doing so you are expected to carefully assess the source to which you are handing over the work to (for your own good). I suggest you read a lot of business reviews to know about the leading web developers. I came across excellent reviews and testimonials about a web development company named 'Perception System' that have been excelling in providing Dedicated Resources for various web development services. I have chosen to give the link since I found these guys give end to end solutions on almost all branches of web development and mobile application development.

The following are a few contemporary conventions that exist in this outsourcing arena, which you are needed to be aware of so that you could be conscious about these while choosing the best web development company for your project function:

- Open Management Policy

In this tie up, you are the chief dictator, which means in all operational steps of the project, your decision is the final. The web developer provides you with choices in all situations and you are the one who chooses what is to be done. Make sure your web developer adapts to this open Management Policy without falling back anywhere.


Highest Industry Standards

You always have the choice of switching between the developers who provide the best of industry standards. In case your developer doesn’t seem to have it, make sure you push him till he incorporates the maximum quality resources in the environment where your project is developed.

- Demand skill

A good web development firm sure would have Project Managers or Team Leaders with excellent communication skills. You cannot take this criteria for granted and leave it casually since it would turn out to be a disaster in case the person I contact for your project has problems in interpreting your communication clearly.

- Managing Timeline

In the very beginning write down a list of deadlines for all parts of the whole function and mention it to your developer and ask him if that set of deadlines could be met and hand over the task to them only if it is agreed.

- Last but not the least: Quality Assurance

Never give a chance to compromise on quality at any cost. Even if the project overruns the deadline, make sure you don’t let the web developer deliver your output without the quality which you have quoted.



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