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From inception PHP has helped transform how web development is done and also the way dynamic sites are developed. There are many things involved with development such as flexibility, scalability, user friendliness and usability. PHP which is an open source language has helped web developers accomplish many of these steps effectively as well as easily. We will now look at factors which make PHP most adaptable language for web development.
Open source: PHP is a server side open source language which means it is available for free. It can be used on different platforms such as UNIX, Linux & Windows and considered the suitable language to develop dynamic sites.
Dynamic language: PHP is used in close correlation with HTML for displaying dynamic data and other elements on a web page. The code available within the delimiters is parsed and all other information is ignored by PHP and sent directly to output.
Less use of resources: PHP and the related procedures do not require too much from system resources. The processes and functions load as well as execute quickly since PHP makes use of Apache modules developed in C coding language.
Dynamic CMS: Development using PHP has made management of content on a web site very simple as entire content on the web site is kept in a database server and fetched by developers as and when required.
Some other features of PHP development include:
  • 1. Easy access to coding libraries
  • 2. Open source programming
  • 3. Availability of server interfaces
  • 4. Use of different databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc
  • 5. Similarity to Java and C
  • 6. Platform compatibility
To sum up we can say that web development using PHP it is much easier to solve development issues as compared to other programming and web development languages.
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